Your arrival here affirms your desire for better change in your life.  Choosing the right therapist, however, is most imperative towards your success. I would strongly suggest a personal contact by phone where you will receive immediate feedback about what your process will look like as it applies to your situation. This website contains general information to give an overall understanding to those who visit, but only our conversation will provide the needed information for your therapist selection.

My clients often comment on the uniqueness of my approach as very different from what they have experienced because of the way it helps them develop a new and more solid sense of self. This new self is a healthier and sustainable way to live...especially when others are making you feel differently. In fact, your success will result in your ability to be a caring catalysist that empowers others toward better functioning as you learn to better care for yourself.

I offer my clients the opportunity to mature towards authentic adulthood by learning to calm their own bad feelings without the help of another, pursuing their own goals, and standing on their own two feet. I realize that most people associate such skills mainly with singlehood, but I also find that marriage can't succeed unless they manage their sense of self well in the presence of important others. The resulting growth turns right around and fuels the relationship and even empowers mature, passionate sex.  And it pays wide-ranging dividends in all relationships from family, parenting, friendships, even to creativity to work.  I often hear.. "I have been to other therapists and have never heard stuff like this before."

The free phone consultation or a complimentary meeting, if you choose, is strongly recommended to discuss the process.
I look forward to meeting you.